Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.2

“But when Master drew the flame out, I realized that something was wrong. The overwhelming aura of this flame couldn’t possibly belong to a gestating flame. Clearly, it was that of the Divine flame itself. I wanted to stop you, but it was too late.”

“So that’s how it is,” after listening to the explanation, Murong Qingyan could only sigh with an emotion: “The fact that Qiuyuan Yi’s body was able to sustain itself against the might of the Divine flame this long is already a miracle! If anyone else was in his situation, with the Divine flame directly stuffed into the body… and without a chance to fuse it, I’m afraid, it would only lead that person to be burned to a crisp, even the ashes wouldn’t remain.”

“If I knew that inside Qiuyuan Yi’s body was a Divine flame, I definitely wouldn’t let Master take the risk,” Little White pouted, pursing his lips: “Astonishingly, such a thing happened. If it weren’t for the help of Huangfu Jue, Master would have been in a real danger.”

Although at the time Little White was pretty far away, his ears still managed to pick up the name of the person who saved his Master: Huangfu Jue.

“That’s right! Lil’ White, how come you weren’t here?” Murong Qingyan seemed to recall something: “Have I not told you to protect me? How come you let Huangfu Jue get close to me?”

“Master, I didn’t do it on purpose!” as he heard Murong Qingyan questioning him, Little White hurried to explain himself: “Since the moment that Huangfu Jue appeared, I fought to stop him from approaching you, however, he was really strong, with just a wave of his hand he swept me to the side, and then, when I tried again, he even restricted me in the enchantment.”

When Little White recalled this, he felt very aggrieved. He was the ancient legendary beast, Baize, whenever his name was mentioned, people felt reverence and awe, but now he was forced to suffer a loss at the hands of Huangfu Jue. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, this Huangfu Jue was much stronger than him.

“He could even entrap you?” Hearing this, Murong Qingyan’s heart jolted in shock.

Although she had yet to see the full might of Little White, she knew that he was an ancient beast, therefore he should be very, very strong. Little White didn’t put in his eyes even Murong Xiong, who was at the late stage of the Core period. Yet, now Little White surprisingly acknowledged that man’s strength.

Huangfu Jue, what kind of person was he in the end?

“Master, how did you get acquainted with this man?” Looking at Murong Qingyan, Little White, after careful deliberation, asked this question. “It seemed that he was quite familiar with you. Fortunately, just when you were in a desperate situation, he helped you out. Otherwise, I dare not to imagine how things would have turned out.”

“Just a random acquaintance,” Murong Qingyan, apparently, didn’t feel like explaining. “What kind of person he is or who he is, I don’t know.”

“Well, no matter what, Master managed to overcome a disaster and even reaped benefits,” Little White grew excited: “Not only has Master’s cultivation increased by leaps and bounds, even the Earth Core flame is subdued and definitely will be of great help to Master later.”

“Well, let’s not talk about it.” Murong Qingyan frowned: “Lil’ White, have we forgotten something? I have this nagging suspicion that we have neglected something important.”

“Eh?” Quite puzzled, Little White scratched his head.

“Qiuyuan Yi!” In Murong Qingyan’s mind, an image of her patient emerged, at last. “He is still lying unconscious there!”

She finally remembered, that when the situation was dire, Little White took her straight away from Qiuyuan Estate. Although the flame was taken out, the silver needles were not!

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    Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her! Love him! Normally the longer the story the more milked it gets, but man! I’m loving this as much as the 1st chapter!

    • Agnie

      Thank you for your kind support, Aris! <3 I'm glad you enjoy it, and I'm sure the author would be, too (if she knew), hehe. But the best thing is that... More is coming, fufufu! ^.~


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