Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.3

Before, whenever Murong Qingyan treated her patients, she used her own acupuncture technique and now that she had studied “Medical Classics” acutechniques, she incorporated them, so her skill improved a lot and became increasingly intricate. That’s why an average doctor would have been unable to simply pull out the needles she put down. If those needles were to be carelessly pulled out, the patient would suffer serious injuries.

“What an unlucky fellow,” Little White silently thought.

Murong Qingyan held Little White tightly in her arms and right away took off in the direction of Qiuyuan Estate.

In Qiuyuan family, Qiuyuan Lishang and housekeeper Li had waited for two hours already, looking sadly at Qiuyuan Yi who lay unconscious in bed, their hearts strung with extreme anxiety.

None of the doctors they invited dared to imprudently mess with those needles, Qiuyuan Lishang was crushed by an inexplicable helplessness. As he didn’t know where or why the female who treated Qiuyuan Yi disappeared, he felt his heart hurt as if being roasted on the fire.

He sent out servants to look for her, but in the end, all those searches were in vain.

Then, the door was pushed open and a white figure appeared in front of them.

“Young lady, you’re finally back,” once Qiuyuan Lishang saw Murong Qingyan, his emotions stirred in excitement. He stepped towards her and promptly asked: “My Yi-er, in the end, how is he?”

“Master Qiuyuan doesn’t need to worry,” Murong Qingyan slightly tilted her head and explained: “There was a sort of urgent situation, so I had to leave temporarily. I have to ask, though, during my absence, has anyone touched the needles in Qiuyuan Yi’s body?”

“Young lady, rest assured. No one touched them,” afraid of provoking Murong Qingyan’s temper, Qiuyuan Lishang hurriedly replied. Yet, he was still worried, so he inquired again: “This one doesn’t know now, what’s going on with Yi-er?”

“The strange flame was successfully drawn out of his body,” Murong Qingyan replied: “Now all that is left is to take out the needles, and he will be fine.”

“Really?!” Hearing Murong Qingyan’s words, Qiuyuan Lishang was overjoyed and couldn’t believe his own ears: “The strange flame was truly taken out of Yi-er’s body?”

“I wouldn’t joke about such matters,” Murong Qingyan reaffirmed her statement: “In a while, you will be able to see for yourself.”

“Young lady, please, don’t take offense, it’s not that I didn’t believe, I was just…” fearing that the girl in front of him would be displeased with his words, he tried to explain himself.

“That’s fine,” Murong Qingyan carelessly waved off his excuse and said: “Well, now, you two, go out a for a bit, I’ll pull out the needles!”

As soon as they heard that Murong Qingyan was ready to complete the treatment, Qiuyuan Lishang and housekeeper Li immediately left, not daring to disturb her.

Murong Qingyan came closer to Qiuyuan Yi, threw a glance over the needles, and used her xuanli to explore his body for remnants of the Divine Flame. Once she was sure there was none left, she started to retrieve needles from Qiuyuan Yi’s body.

Her hands flew gracefully as moving clouds and flowing water, with each rise and fall of her hand, needles vanished from Quiyuan Yi’s body. It seemed as if there was no logic or methods behind her movements, but an observant person could tell that there was a certain rule within them.

In a short time, Murong Qingyan had picked all the needles from his body.

And as soon as the last needle left Qiuyuan Yi’s body he started to awaken from the slumber.

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