Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.4

“Yi-er, how are you?” As soon as Qiuyuan Yi regained his consciousness, Qiuyuan Lishang came forward, voicing his concern: “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m fine,” corners of Qiuyuan Yi’s mouth raised in a gentle smile.

He hadn’t lied. Right then he indeed experienced an unprecedented tranquility. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that since his birth he had never felt so comfortable. Ever since his childhood, even if he wasn’t sick, his body was always constrained by invisible shackles of the strange flame, time and time again burning him from within. He could always feel the existence of the strange flame in his body and the threat it posed to him.

Yet now, he could feel that there was nothing foreign in his body and that he wholly belonged to himself. That strange flame that constantly threatened his life had left.

“Truly?” Hearing his son’s reply, Qiuyuan Lishang could finally exhale in relief.

He immediately summoned family doctors. After doctors verified Qiuyuan Yi’s condition, all of them came to the same conclusion: any signs of the strange fire had indeed disappeared. Now, apart from being weakened, Qiuyuan Yi’s body had no other problems.

When it came to such a result, the doctors were mighty shocked. For years they had been earnestly trying to find a solution to Qiuyuan Yi’s illness, but all for naught. And now, a young girl achieved what they couldn’t, how could they keep their cool?

“Come to think of it, until now we have yet to know the young lady’s honored name?” Qiuyuan Yi looked at standing by his bedside Murong Qingyan, who indifferently watched as doctors made their diagnoses, and a soft smile played on his lips: “This humble one doesn’t know whether young lady wishes to bestow the grace of knowing her name?”

Not only Qiuyuan Yi noticed this point, Qiuyuan Lishang also became aware of his lapse in manners: “This is truly a negligence on my part, always addressing young lady as such, and I have yet to have a pleasure of inquiring young lady’s name!”

Since the moment the young girl arrived, all his thoughts were completely focused on Qiuyuan Yi’s health, his only concern was whether she could heal his son and as a result, the matter of introduction totally skipped his mind.

“My surname is Rong,” Murong Qingyan replied calmly.

“Young lady Rong, this time you’ve treated my son’s disease, my Qiuyuan family is indebted to you,” Qiuyuan Lishang told her, gratitude clear in his voice: “If you ever have matters that require help, you just need to let us know, my Qiuyuan family will certainly assist you so long it’s within our power.”

“No need,” Murong Qingyan gently shook her head: “I’ve treated your son, you’ve given me agreed reward: it’s a matter of an equal exchange, so there’s no need for Master Qiuyuan to be so polite.”

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t trying to be a hypocrite, she merely stated the facts. It was natural, that one would receive monetary compensation for treating patients.  Although she didn’t their money, she asked for other things.

Hearing Murong Qingyan mention the matter of rewards, Qiuyuan Lishang cast a glance at Qiuyuan Yi.

Qiuyuan Yi instantly understood what his father meant and took out an ice-blue bead to give to Murong Qingyan: “Miss Rong, this is a drop of Heavenly Water. As we agreed earlier, now it belongs to you.”

A smile appeared on Murong Qingyan’s face once she saw the drop of Heavenly Water in Qiuyuan Yi’s hand, a smile even reached her eyes, so happy she was. She stretched out her hand and took the ice-blue bead. It peacefully laid on the palm of her white and tender hand, spreading out a cool aura, making her feel extremely comfortable.


Agnie’s corner:

… Is there someone trying to flirt, mmm? I think I’m really, really starving for romance in this novel, so can see its shadows just about anywhere.

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