Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.5

Although Murong Qingyan’s features were hidden behind a veil, from a corner of his eye Qiuyuan Yi still managed to catch glimpses of her expression. It was out of his expectations, that just a bead could please the young girl in front of him so. For the very first time, he could sense the happy emotions from this girl.

Qiuyuan Yi didn’t know why, but seeing the girl’s happiness, his own mood improved as well.

Once Murong Qingyan received a drop of Heavenly Water, she didn’t intend to tarry there any longer, so she turned to leave.

Just then, when she was almost out of the door, Qiuyuan Lishang asked her: “Young lady Rong’s art of healing is simply outstanding, no doubt, it’s a skill passed from an exceptional teacher. If I may know, where to find him?”

Since Murong Qingyan received such a precious item from them, her mood was pretty good, so she didn’t mind his question: “My Master has already passed away. Even if I told Master Qiuyuan his name, you would not have heard of him.”

To be fair, her grandfather who passed away years ago could be indeed considered her Master, as he taught her everything she knew. She grew up with her grandfather, and perhaps, that’s why her relationship with her parents and her brother became so… estranged that she had even lost her life in their hands.

As she recalled those memories, unconsciously, a sense of desolation seeped from her body.

“It seems I’ve talked too much,” Qiuyuan Lishang also noticed the change in the air around Murong Qingyan. And upon expressing his apology, he stated his real purpose: “This one doesn’t know whether young lady Rong is willing to stay in the Qiuyuan family? I promise that you will receive the best treatment and my Qiuyuan family won’t interfere with any of your matters in the slightest.”

The idea of keeping her in the Family occurred to him as soon as he witnessed for himself her medical expertise. Even though the female in question was extremely young, her skill was equally extremely formidable. If a woman like her stayed, it would have been of great benefit to the Family.

Qiuyuan Yi, standing beside them, didn’t say a word, but a trace of expectation aroused in his eyes. He didn’t know why, but hearing his father’s intention, his heart surged with joy and he also hoped that the young lady in front of him would stay. With a baited breath he waited for her answer.

“I’m very happy that Master Qiuyuan appreciates my skill so,” Murong Qingyan replied politely in a tactful tone: “However, I’m a person who is used to freedom, so I don’t want to be confined to one place. Therefore, Master Qiuyuan’s good intentions I can’t accept.”

Hearing Murong Qingyan’s refusal, Qiuyuan Lishang couldn’t help but feel disappointed, yet he didn’t insist: “Since that’s being the case, I won’t force young lady Rong. However, the door of my Qiuyuan family is always open for the young lady. As long as young lady Rong is willing, my promise will hold.”

“Thank you, Master Qiuyuan,” Murong Qingyan nodded and said: “It’s already late, so I’ll be leaving. Qiuyuan Yi’s body doesn’t have any problems anymore, so as long as he recuperates for a couple of days, he should be completely fine. Well, then, I won’t disturb you any longer. Farewell!”

Saying so, Murong Qingyan swiftly left Qiuyuan Estate and without delay returned to Murong family. It was an early morning when she went out, but when she came back it was already late in the evening, because not only did she have to cure Qiuyuan Yi, she also subdued the Earth Core Flame, so it was understandable that she’d be back late.

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