Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.6

After today’s matters Murong Qingyan felt truly exhausted, she directly fell on her bed, wishing for a good rest.

Yet, shortly after she laid down, she heard a rapid knocking on her door.

“Ah, who is it!” Suddenly being disturbed from her well-deserved rest, Murong Qingyan’s mood obviously was anything but good, and her tone mirrored it to a tee.

Quickly, a young servant girl pushed the door open and walked in. As she saw Murong Qingyan’s expression, she got scared and lowered her eyes, not daring to look her in the eyes again.

In the past, she wouldn’t have been afraid of Murong Qingyan at all, but now the situation was completely reversed. After the Family Assembly, no one in the Murong Family dared to look down on Murong Qingyan, for she was the one to defeat such a talent as Nangong Ye. Her valiant character and skills went without saying.

Moreover, many people witnessed themselves how ruthlessly Murong Qingyan beat up Murong Qingxue in the ring. So those who previously bullied Murong Qingyan were now worried about her retaliation.

However, they didn’t know, that in Murong Qingyan’s eyes they were not worth neither effort nor attention.

“What’s the matter?” Looking at the fearful appearance of the maid Murong Qingyan couldn’t help but frown. She wasn’t a tiger. What was there to be so afraid of?

She had no idea, that in the servant girl’s mind she was far scarier than any tiger.

“Eldest Miss, Master asked you to visit him,” the girl swiftly replied.

In fact, these couple of days, the Master Murong was looking for Eldest Miss everywhere, but she couldn’t find her anywhere. The servant girl didn’t know, where did the Eldest Miss disappear to, so the Master let people watch her courtyard closely, awaiting her return. As soon as the lights in the room were lit, Master Murong sent people to fetch Murong Qingyan. And the unlucky person tasked with this was still her.

“I understand.”

Contrary to the girl’s expectations, Murong Qingyan didn’t make things difficult for her: she stood up from her bed right away and went out.

When Murong Qingyan left the room, the girl finally felt herself relax. Although Eldest Miss didn’t reprimand her or anything, she still felt very nervous. She even felt it was more stressful to face Eldest Miss than Master Murong.

Murong Qingyan walked the familiar path directly to the study. Each time Murong Xiong summoned anyone, it was to the study. Remembering, that the last time she was called upon, it was also to the study.

As she reached the door, Murong Qingyan opened it and walked in. The guard standing outside had likely gotten an order before, so he didn’t bar her way.

Once she walked through the door, she saw Murong Xiong waiting for her there.

“You’ve come.”

This was the first time Murong Xiong spoke calmly to her. He thought once he saw Murong Qingyan he would fly into a terrible rage, but after simmering down over the last few days, he felt actually pretty much placid.

Seeing Murong Xiong’s attitude, Murong Qingyan’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. However, she didn’t say anything and sat down in front of him.

Although she didn’t know, why Murong Xiong was looking for her, she had a hunch it was not anything good. Because if there was something good, Murong Xiong wouldn’t think of her.


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