Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch94.9

However, Murong Qingyan was not concerned with those matters. As before, she stayed in her courtyard days and nights. As for what she was doing, none knew, nor anyone cared.

Many believed that Murong Qingyan was hiding in her courtyard because she had provoked Family Head’s ire, so she didn’t dare to show her face.

As for the marriage alliance between Nangong and Murong Families, this issue was easily resolved when Murong Xiong went in person to the Nangong Family. As before, the wedding of Nangong Ye and Murong Qingxue was set in stone and their marriage would definitely improve the relationship between families.

When Murong Qingxue heard the news, she almost jumped out of the bed from excitement: “Is it true? Is the problem with my and elder brother Ye wedding really fixed?”

“Why would I lie to you, ah?” Liu Mei also smiled at her daughter, her voice light and especially lively: “Family Head had just sent people to say that you have to get better and then you will marry into Nangong family. Family Head also sent a lot of precious medicines over!”

“Finally it was settled,” Murong Qingxue brushed away the haze of last days, she appeared particularly radiant and glowing with health: “I can still marry Nangong Ye and become Mistress of the Nangong Family!”

Actually, for several days she had been sending letters to Nangong Ye, but never received a reply. Her heart had almost dropped to the feet, yet, she finally heard this piece of joyous news: her marriage with elder brother Ye was reinstated!

“Naturally so,” Liu Mei patted Murong Qingxue’s hand and urged her with a smile: “So the most important thing for you now is to recuperate well, only doing so can you smoothly marry to Nangong Ye.”

Originally, Liu Mei intended to encourage Murong Qingxue with those words, yet, she saw her daughter’s expression fall.

“Xue-er, what’s wrong? Where do you feel uncomfortable?” Liu Mei became anxious as she watched Murong Qingxue become pale: “I’ll send for a doctor right away!”

Liu Mei was about to get up and send servants for the family doctor, but as she was standing up, she was held back by Murong Qingxue.

“No, I’m fine,” Murong Qingxue’s voice was incredibly cold.

“Are you really alright? I was scared silly by you,” Liu Mei patted her chest: “Without rhyme or reason, you became so pale, I thought your condition suddenly worsened.”

“My wounds have already healed,” Murong Qingxue said in a low voice, her face was gloomy: “But even up until now I’m unable to cultivate. I can’t condense xuanli at all. If this continues, people will soon discover that now I’ve become a waste.”

“At that time, it would be the same as canceling my wedding with elder brother Ye for good. Even if it’s not canceled by us, Nangong family will never let a waste marry into their family.”

As Liu Mei listened to her daughter, her heart gradually sank. Indeed, it was the most crucial matter at the moment. If Xue-er really can’t cultivate anymore, the marriage will certainly fall through.

“Xue-er, rest assured, you’ll get well really soon,” Liu Mei’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness, as she finally made up her mind: “I won’t let you become a waste.”

Right, her daughter definitely was not a waste! Only someone like Murong Qingyan could be a waste. The daughter of Liu Mei would certainly be the most gifted person!

“What do you want to do?” Murong Qingxue’s heart skipped a beat with a bad premonition.

“Relax, I definitely won’t do anything,” Liu Mei comforted her daughter: “And even if I do, I won’t let people get a grasp on me.”

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    Oh dear… schemes. More schemes abound. 😑

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