Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.1

One of these peaceful days, Murong Qingyan disguised herself and with Little White sneaked out of the Murong Estate.

“Master, where do you want to go?” Little White sat on her shoulder, holding a string of candied haws and slowly savored them.

“We will be leaving Murong family soon, but we’ve got to prepare first,” Murong Qingyan looked at her happy beast and smiled: “So we must get some savings.”

To leave Murong family as soon as possible, she obviously had to make some preparations. In the past few days, she had been diligently sorting and putting together things in her space. Amongst them, there were some low-level pills, which she intended to take to the auction.

“Master, that time you’ve helped that Qiuyuan Yi to treat his illness, you should have asked for some fees,” remembering that day, Little White became angry: “You’ve almost lost your life there!”

“It’s alright, it’s already in the past. Don’t get upset about it anymore,” Murong Qingyan shook her head, chuckling: “Besides, our aim was a drop of Heavenly Water back then. It’s a treasure that people can’t buy even if they had enough wealth to!”

“Oh…“ Little White sighed helplessly and immediately followed up with a question: “That again, Master, where are we going?”

“Auction House,” Murong Qingyan said with a smile: “A couple of days ago I found some pills in the space that could be sold there. Those are no longer useful to me, so it would be better to exchange them for some money.”

Soon, a person and a beast arrived at the Auction House.

Galuo Auction House was the largest auction house in the whole country. None knew who was the owner of this Auction House, but being able to openly use the word ‘Galuo’ in its name without fear or consequences, surely implied that the person behind it was not simple.

Once a month the Auction House would hold a special top-quality auction, where numerous treasures could be found. Such a grand occasion would naturally attract many high-level experts and senior officials.

Of course, this auction wouldn’t take place today. Murong Qingyan came here aiming for the upcoming one. If she wanted to sell her things for a good price, then she would better let them be sold at the top-grade auction.

At the entrance of the Auction House, two guards were chatting, trying to alleviate their boredom. Today wasn’t the day of the special auction, the Auction House was somewhat deserted, so the two of them were a bit lax.

While the guards were chatting, a young man came up to the doors of the Auction House. The young man wasn’t of a tall stature, his appearance could be said to be distinct, though not breathtakingly handsome, still, he would surely be picked out in the crowd.

However, what drew the attention of the guards most, was actually a ball of the white fur on the youth’s shoulders. When the youth came closer, they noticed that it was a little white beast. It was a general impression, that, usually, men would avoid raising such cute little beasts, only females would prefer those.

This person was, obviously, none else but Murong Qingyan in her disguise: instead of a petite young girl, she became a pretty youth. Even her birthmark was covered by a special technique.

Seeing that the youth was about to enter the Auction House, both guards came up to stop him: “Who are you and what business do you have in coming here?”

“I would like to meet your appraisal master. I have a couple of things to auction,” Murong Qingyan didn’t get angry when her way got obstructed but responded in a proper manner. After all, they were doing their duty.


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Last week’s poll and the 4rth chapter:


frozen onion head

Ahhhhh! My tastes are too heavycrying1 onion head …………. No-no, I must have misled them somehow… Yes, that must be it…  Yes, definitely, that’s the case!

Well, minority definitely won, hands down, lol! During May I’ve read mostly zombie apocalypse novels (aren’t they yummy for the right mood!) and one set in the Outer Space… (and it was a mistake and a pure coincidence that I somehow clicked on that Outer space one). There were 3 good zombie novels, I even considered translating one of them (the story is good, not that run-of-the-mill, some cliches are unavoidable, but all in all it was a breath of a fresh air, the points that I disliked were…bearable).

For those interested in zombie novels, click it
  1. 末世之圣母系统 (loosely translated: Reborn with an Eternal System ‘Syndrome of Mother Theresa’ by 请叫我山大王): Female lead died in a plane crash and 4 years later awakens in a capsule filled with a blue fluid. In the room she is, she sees clothes and a short sword. The world outside was plunged into chaos due to zombie virus 3 months ago. System tasks all fall under ‘Mother Theresa’ category (originally, Virgin Mary, but I don’t like strong religious connotations). Each time she dies, she wakes up back in this room with her memories and skills intact from the previous try. Readers join her for 4th (or 5th?) journey. Good points: it’s not dragging. There’re many love interests but… well, for me, her final choice was… surprising and a bit unpalatable, but then again, I considered from her standpoint and it seemed indeed the right one.
  2. S重生之使徒系统 (loosely translated as Reborn with an Apostle System by 梦醉星野): Now, there’s some heavy stuff there. First of all, there are many triggers: violence, GBH, rape, mental and physical abuse, inhuman tortures, and experiments. Of course, not very descriptive as most of CNs, but still, if you can’t stomach those, don’t even try it.  There are also talks of racial discrimination (against Chinese). The take on the human nature there is pretty… realistic though, I’d hope, exaggerated. In this novel you can find 1) shifting through parallel worlds; 2) conspiracy theories; 3) devoted male lead, yet their love story is… well, only once you read you’d understand that it can’t be summed up at all (most of the abuse falls on FL from ML: she meets him in every world she travels to, but he has no recollection of her…and it gets worse(alright, soooo bad) in some worlds, because he grew up in really twisted conditions, therefore his ‘humane’ side is…non-existant).  Now, for the story: a strong-willed self-reliant girl gets poisoned and slowly killed by the pregnant girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, both of whom happen to have bound a “Chosen system”. She gets reborn, que the struggle to get stronger, ‘luck’ in shitty luck of ending up as an experimental body of a crazy scientist, thus awakening ability. Then later she ‘luckily’ binds a Chosen system and thus begins her journey to power and independence, meeting ML, and all the suffering in between. The ‘summary’ is truly contrived, I know, but uh, it’s a complicated: you either like it or hate it.
  3. 重生末世原女主逆袭 (loosely translated as Rebirth of the Original Female Lead by 夏至春秋): A girl gets betrayed by her best friend and gets thrown down into the legion of zombie. She sees a guy, who liked her, yet, whom she rejected, trying to get to her, they both end up dying, while her friend and the guy she liked watched it all happen. Once she recovers her conscience, she finds herself in a lively subway station, yet she is in a spirit form. A group of girls talk about the novel, which content reeeaally reminds her of her life, so she follows the Girl who is going to read it. Once she’s read her life in this novel, a Girl tells her that originally the dead girl was meant to be a protagonist, but some powers interfered and are trying to ruin this plane. Then the Girl asked her whether Protagonist wanted to go back and change her fate. Of course, she’d have to pay a price. Our Protagonist agrees, que the thorny road to success. Would you believe it if I told you there is cultivation (yes, real cultivation) involved? I didn’t expect that one, but overall, it gave a certain twist to the story. Gets the like from me.

MTL at your own risk.

Although I liked those (with minor dislikes… I don’t like racial and religious references. At all), I ended up enjoying the Outer Space one the most. But about it, we’ll talk later. Hopefully, you’ll see its first chapter this month. Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with IWM schedule. Due to health probs, I have to change (lessen) my working hours, so either my company approves it or I’ll have to look for a new job… It’s a headache but, hopefully, it will pass this month. Either way, with working from home(would I love that) and/or decrease in working hours, my time for translating shouldn’t face changes.

And since I’ve read Fast Transmigration novel (known as Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks) during Winter holidays…and since I’ve almost translated the 4rth chapter, expect it on the weekend, my precious! muahs~

Please rate the translation quality!


  • iRead4Fun

    Yay! Qingyan is finally leaving that wretched rathole she’s been forced to live in for (how old is she now?) years!

    And what the heck have you been eating that you’ve been reading zombie stories? Kekeke! I want some too. Are you thinking of translating one of those stories? 😀

    Take care of yourself always and translate at your own pace.

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 🙂

    • Agnie

      (Are you asking me? 15 or 16? I think?! Omg, I don’t know, lol) No-no, she’s only preparing to leave… how could she actually leave without some fancy face slapping? The author won’t allow it! (we neither)
      Hehe, I just wallowed in depression. But, Nope~~ Even though to me, they were as good as Dominion’s End, I still chose to translate a novel set in the interstellar civilization. Check your acc’s email ^.~
      Ty, ty for your well wishes~

  • iRead4Fun

    Well… after the face-slapping of course. 😜
    I haven’t read a lot of zombie novels. I would have liked Highschool of the Dead if there wasn’t too much gratuitous nudity. 😑
    And I hope you’re feeling better. Talk to someone if you’re still feeling down. 😘

    • Agnie

      Haven’t read that one O_O And I do consider myself well-versed in zombie novels, lol. Maybe it had an ecchi tag, hmm… Either way, there’re quite a few decent ones out there.
      Ah, yeah, thank you, no worries, I’ve read myself back into shape pretty fast, hehe.

  • iRead4Fun

    It’s anime actually. Keke! I wanted to watch something with zombies as I’ve had enough of vampires/werewolves/fairies and stuff and that was one of the anime with high ratings disregarding the ecchi tag. I watched it and the story is good, just that the author is no longer continuing it due to illegal distribution of anime/manga. Meh. But for CNs, I can’t really seem to get into zombies. Geh! I’ll blame it on zombie horror movies I watched. Hehe!

    That’s good to hear, I mean, read. 😀 I haven’t gotten to reading the email yet as I’m babysitting 5 kids, my own 2 included. It’s like trying to wrangle a litter of piglets. 😑

    • Agnie

      5 kids in one place?! *unable to pick up her jaw from the floor* You’ve suffe- I mean, you had a chance to enjoy such a heroic Friday, please accept my kowtow! No, 3×3 kowtows! How old are they? I mean, are they of sensible age? I hope? Has the house sustained any damage? (pls don’t mind me, if anything, I have a fear of children under 5yo) I think just reading that one sentence forced my brain to exp serious lag. But, wow, you have 2 kids! Your days sure never lack laughs!
      Ohhhh, it’s actually an anime! (been ages since I’ve watch last time, sniffs). Graphic must have been good, fufufu. But….Yeah, poor authors have it tough >_> CNs do have a problem of making it uhm…realistic, though, it might be translators who help to butcher it, too. Good thriller and suspense are hard to make, sigh…

      • iRead4Fun

        Ba hahahaha! My kids are 5 and 10… and I was just temporarily watching over a cousin’s kids about the same age as mine plus an 18-month old toddler. The toddler was more exhausting to watch than the older kids. 🤪

        What?! Haven’t been watching animes?! That’s horrible! Anime is life!!! 😂🤣

        Well, the anime and graphic novel was good. The story was engaging but frustrating because it’s unfinished and he readers will never know how the zombification started. Gah! And as my name suggests, I love reading. It’s one of my fave pastimes aside from sleeping and eating. 😆 I just really need to find a story that even though there’s little to no romance, but that actually is riveting, can’t-put-down, one-more-chapter-please kind of books. So, I’m kind of trolling novelupdates for good ones. It’s just too bad that some great novels haven’t been updated, either because the translators have retired or not enough readers visiting the site. 😭

        • Agnie

          Phew, 2×5&10 is…still…survivable… I think. But, yeah, I bet, with an addition of a toddler 18 months… increase in difficulty is exponential… *fallen leaves are rushing by*
          Uhm, no, not the last 8(or more?!) years… I think the last one I watched was Ouran Koukou Host Club, lol? so, yeah. I’m an anime nub, sigh.
          Ahahaha, that’s the worst, when just this teeny-tiny piece of information eludes you… Me feels your frustrations. Those pits are so easy to jump into, sigh.
          Hobbies approved & copied, lol. Yeah, good And active novels are hard to come by… (that actually lead me to originals, cough, another road of no return). I don’t know what genres you prefer, but the Quick Transmigration one I mentioned recently is good. I’ve read up to 1,5k chapters in a weekend (with sleepless nights, of cos). And there was still no romance! Well, there were hints, but… the story itself was pretty catching (when you read it, you just feel like your hands are itching to slap those a-oles, and then slap them some more. That hate the villains draw in this CN deserves respect). Jun Jui Ling is also good, but releases… hehe, I hope I won’t ever end up gathering as much hate as its poor translator. If you’re hungry enough to MTL, then I could list a couple, fufufu.

          • iRead4Fun

            LOL! They’re fun when they’re quiet and pull-my-hair-out when they’re naughty, but I love them.

            What?! I’d be going through withdrawals if I hadn’t watched any anime!!! I blame my husband. He got me started on Naruto and the rest became history.

            Wow… at least you can understand Chinese. I can’t so trying to MTL is really frying my brain. I also go to spoiler pages if MTL doesn’t help. Keke! But for once, I want to read a novel where the villains though hateful, you can’t help but empathize. Most of the time, the authors fall into this pit where they make the villains so horrible that you never side with them, especially in a lot of romance novels. Geh! Nah… I need to finish reading some of the (100+) books I’ve put on my waiting list. LOL!


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