Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.2

“What do you wish to sell in the Auction House?” One of the guards cautiously looked at the youth: “Is it medical ingredients, beast nuclei, weapons or something else?”

“Where do your things come from?” asked the other guard.

Even though this question was asked, they were only inquiring information for formality’s’ sake. Even if the origins of the item were not proper, as long as it was valuable, Auction House would take it. After all, the Auction House’s business lies in a grey area.

After considering her words for a moment, Murong Qingyan replied: “Pills.”

Suddenly, with this remark, expression of both guards turned serious and they exchanged glances.

Immediately, the first guard looked at Murong Qingyan with a trace of respect in his eyes: “Please, follow me.”

Then, he turned to lead Murong Qingyan into the Auction House. The guard who was left behind looked with an indistinct awe at her departing back.

In fact, they couldn’t be blamed for their behavior. It had to be known, that in the Mainland there were not many pill masters. As long as a person was even somewhat renown pill master, he would be worshipped not only by influential families but even Royal family.

The most important requirement to become a pill master was a strong spiritual power. Moreover, if a pill master wanted to advance in ranks, he would find it to be a truly challenging process. Many pill masters stayed as mere third-rank pill masters until their death.

It was also for this reason that most of the pills were collected by the big families. It could be said that currently, pills are priceless treasures. If one appeared in the auction, it would definitely attract a lot of attention.

The guard who led Murong Qingyan in, secretly sneaked glances at her, pondering. The young man in front of him was not old, could he be really a pill master? Besides, generally, pill masters are not short of money, even if they refined pills, rarely would they bring them to auction.

Yet, Murong Qingyan didn’t spare him a glance, as if she didn’t notice the way he sized her up.

The guard walked through several winding corridors and after making few turns, finally stopped at the doors of a room.

The bearing of the guard changed distinctly and his expression became solemn, as he bent his waist lightly, looking towards the room, and respectfully said: “Master Liu, an honored guest wishes to auction something and hopes for your appraisal.”

“Come in!” A vigorous and powerful voice came from the room.

Even though the person inside couldn’t see him, the guard bent down even more respectfully, a look of veneration still present on his face. Obviously, the status of the person inside was not ordinary.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Murong Qingyan’s interest was piqued and her lips raised in a smile. Judging by the guard’s actions, the person inside shouldn’t be an average Joe. Usually, ordinary appraisal masters were unable to evaluate pills, so the person in the room also had to be a pill master!

The guard hadn’t entered the room. Murong Qingyan lifted her foot and walked in without hesitation. A whiff of medicinal fragrance rushed to her as soon as she entered the room, an indistinct scent that could only belong to pill masters. With this, it was enough to prove her earlier guess right.

In the room, she saw a grey-haired man, likely of more than 60 years of age, yet he didn’t give off a feeling of a weak old man. Quite the contrary, the whole person appeared vigorous and refreshed, seemingly no less spirited than any young man.

This person should be Liu Pinyan, the most respected pill master and pharmacist of the Galuo Auction House. Liu Pinyan wasn’t merely a third-rank pill master, but also a master appraisal. His status in the Galuo Auction House was very high. It could be said he was second only to its behind the scenes boss.

“Master Liu,” Murong Qingyan lightly nodded in greeting.

Liu Pinyan stole a briefly looked at Murong Qingyan and pointed at the seat: “Sit down.”


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  • iRead4Fun

    Besides, generally, pill masters are not short of money, even if they refined pills,
    rarely would/do they take them to the auction or they would rarely auction them.

    Murong Qingyan didn’t look at him, as if she didn’t notice the way he seized her up.

    These are the only ones I found, but as always, awesome translation! 🙂

    Will the old man be a friend or a foe? He’d probably be begging Qingyan to be the main supplier of pills. Kekeke!

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 🙂

  • iRead4Fun

    There was supposed to be a dash on the letter “e” as it should be: Murong Qingyan didn’t look at him, as if she didn’t notice the way he sized her up. Sorry about that. 😁 And you’re welcome.


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