Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.4

 Liu Pinyan smiled, obviously, those words were to his liking. Moreover, he also knew it clearly, that this deal would be beneficial to the Auction House in all aspects.

“Since Noble Son trusts our Auction House this much, of course, we will certainly not disappoint him. The next top-quality auction will be held in two days. I will let people arrange to release this information. I believe once the news that we are going to auction third-grade Zhuji pills spread, it will attract many wealthy people.”

As the name suggests, Zhuji pills can assist in smooth advancement through Foundation Establishment period. Of course, if a person can’t cultivate, those pills would still be useless. But as long as a person was at least at Qi Condensation period, even if only in its early stage, these third-grade Zhuji pills could help promote him straight to the Foundation Establishment period.

Usually, it took several years of cultivation to advance from Qi Condensation period to the Foundation Establishment, and some cultivators spent ten and more years and still were unable to breakthrough. Achieving a Foundation Establishment period was undoubtedly a good thing. It had to be known, that it was of a great help and benefit for any family to have a strong Foundation Establishment member.

“Then I thank Master Liu for the trouble,” Murong Qingyan nodded.

“This one doesn’t know, how many pills does Noble Son intend to auction?” Liu Pinyan licked his lips and asked in the end.

After all, there were ten pills in the jade vial. If he didn’t clarify it with the other party, he wouldn’t know how many of them were to be auctioned off.

“All of them,” Murong Qingyan responded in a plain and straightforward manner.

She had now reached the peak of Harmonization period, so those third-grade Zhuji pills were of no use to her. Moreover, even if she had yet to reach Foundation Establishment period, she would never use pills for it. Although it was easy and effortless advancement, the result of it was that the cultivation base after such a quick success was unstable. The best way to cultivate was to go through each step with your own efforts.

“Ssss,” hearing Murong Qingyan’s reply, Liu Pinyan couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air.

He thought if he could auction five of them, it would be good enough already. It was out of his wildest expectations that the youth sitting in front of him would be so open-handed and choose to sell them all without batting an eyelash. He could already imagine, just what kind of stir this piece of news would cause.

Liu Pinyan took a little beside him and rang it, all the while looking a bit strangely at the youth, then he opened his mouth to inquire: “This guest’s name is…”

“My surname is Mu,” Murong Qingyan responded plainly.

“Noble Son Mu, Your business deal is of great value to us, therefore, we would like to promote You to an Honored Guest rank of our Galuo Auction House. We will prepare a customized Purple card for You to prove Your status. Originally,  as a commission for our services, our Galuo Auction House takes a 10% cut of a completed deal.”

“However, with You being a Galuo Auction house Honored Guest of Purple rank, we will take only 5% commission. Once the deal is finalized and commission deducted, the rest of the sum will be deposited in the card. Moreover, with the Purple card, You would be able to enjoy the highest level of treatment in all of the Galuo Auction Houses.”

Just as Liu Pinyan’s words fell, a young girl walked in. She was holding a tray, on top of which could be seen a card of purple color, that seemed to have a distinguished feeling to it.

Liu Pinyan stood up and walked towards the girl. He personally took the purple card and handed it to the youth.

Murong Qingyan stretched her hand and put the card directly into her pocket.

“Noble Son Mu, these pills…” Liu Pinyan opened his mouth to speak once more.


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