Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.7

“If you don’t return it, once it gets exposed, you and I, both of us will die!” Murong Qingxue fired back, ill-tempered: “Are you sure you understand actual importance of this pill to the Murong Family?! This kind of fifth-grade pill can only be chanced upon, but not sought out or bought. Not to mention that it’s a rejuvenating type of pill. Do you even know, that Grandfather actually treasures this pill as an apple of his eye!”

Murong Qingxue had complex emotions about this pill. But there was nothing worth more than one’s own life. Compared to your own life, everything else seemed insignificant. Liu Mei might not be aware of it, but she was very clear that even other three Great Families were unlikely to have a single pill of this kind.

This Rejuvenation pill was a family heirloom that was kept for emergency situations and strictly guarded in the family treasure. Only Master of the Family had access to it. She truly couldn’t comprehend how Liu Mei got her hands on it.

“I know what you are worried about,” Liu Mei comforted her daughter, patting her hand: “If the loss of this pill comes to light, no one will suspect us. Don’t fret about it.”

“What do you mean?” Murong Qingxue skeptically looked at her mother.

“These things I’ve already managed accordingly,” a corner of Liu Mei’s mouth lifted in a self-confident smile: “When this matter gets exposed, no one would think of us. I’ve already found a scapegoat.”

Since she had taken such risks, of course, she had to have a way to cover her bases. She wasn’t stupid, she knew very well what kind of punishment would follow a theft of a valuable family heirloom. Even if things came down to it, the two of them wouldn’t be involved.

“Who?” Murong Qingxue cast another suspicious glance at Liu Mei.

She truly doubted that with Liu Mei’s ability and identity she could really arrange these things flawlessly.

“There’s no need for you to worry about it,” Liu Mei held Murong Qingxue’s hand and smiled: “I also cherish our lives very much. I absolutely will not take any risks to fool around with such matters.”

“How could I not worry?” Murong Qingxue was still anxious: “This is not just a trivial matter, if it gets discovered, there will be no way out of it.”

Although her mouth said so, her face displayed a multitude of struggling emotions.

“Xue-er, you should carefully think about it,” Liu Mei naturally caught this emotional shift in her daughter and continued to persuade her: “Do you really not want to marry Nangong Ye anymore?”

“I want to, absolutely!” Murong Qingxue refuted without hesitation.

“That’s it,” Liu Mei smiled: “You think about it. If you really can’t recover your cultivation on your own, do you think you could marry into Nangong family? Do you think it’s possible to become the main wife if you don’t have cultivation base?”

“Regardless of feelings Nangong Ye has for you, without your cultivation, what qualifications do you have to become the Mistress of the Family? Also, the fact that Murong Qingyan humiliated you so, have you already forgotten about it?”

“Of course, I haven’t!” As soon as Murong Qingyan’s name was mentioned, Murong Qingxue’s face distorted with hatred: “How could I forget this shame? One day I’ll definitely make her pay back all these sufferings with interests!”

“Mm, that’s the right way of thinking,” Liu Mei added quickly: “If you can no longer cultivate in this lifetime, how would you be able to look for an opportunity to seek justice for yourself?”

“I understand. I’ll eat it,” Murong Qingxue stretched out her hand to take the pill, threw it in her mouth and swallowed it without delay.


Agnie’s corner:

So, I’ve been thinking (again). I wanted to ask your opinion for some time already but never got around to it. I’ve been translating following ‘principles’ and terms of the first 60 chapters were to keep the flow…similar. But I keep having that disturbing notion that translation of some forms of address and places ruins the overall (or exclusive) feel of a Chinese novel. So I’d like to ask you what do you prefer (as always, going with the majority; poll active until the chapter part on 26th).

PS. Yes, of course, Pinyin’s meaning will be provided.

Oh, and last but not the least. You might have noticed that releases lately have been on random days but now I think I got it figured out, so it’s time for some clarification about the release schedule: chapter parts will be posted on every even day, UTC 18.00 (meaning 15 chapter parts a month), unless there are some force major circumstances.

Enjoy your week, minna-san! 

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  • mariana123tudo

    First, thank you for your hard work. Second, I think you are right, translating in english some forms of address and names of locations it leaves me the feeling that something is missing. It really ruins the charm of an chinese novel. Btw, when we translate dramas on Viki, we leave these terms as they are in pinyin and just make a translator’s note with the meaning of it.
    Uf, I don’t find the link for the pole.

  • iRead4Fun

    I don’t mind the Pinyin actually as I know the Chinese language has a lot of terms that gets lost in English translation. Just make a glossary of terms for people who are unfamiliar with it, like me, if it’s okay please. 😆

    And Qingyan will be that scapegoat, of course, except it will backfire horribly on that concubine mother. Amirite? Hehehehe! 🤪😂🤣

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

  • Phour

    Whichever way you find easiest to translate is the way you should translate. We are at the whim of the translator god! Lol Tho I’m reading so many cnovels right now, some pinyin sprinkled in will not make a difference in the barrier to reading difficulty.

    Also, that stupid Liu Mei is obviously gonna cause more issues to her daughter than MC can with this. Lol


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