Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch95.8

Once Liu Mei had seen that Murong Qingxue ate the pill, her heart was finally able to relax. She exhaled in relief and a smile appeared on her face: “Xue-er, now that you’ve taken Rejuvenation pill, I’m sure, soon you’ll be able to practice once more. If your cultivation rises under the effect of the pill, it would be even better.”

Murong Qingxue didn’t reply to her, because at the moment she felt a surging flow of energy rushing in her dantian. This familiar feeling almost made her cry. However, she also understood importance of this moment. She quickly closed her eyes and started guiding xuanli in her dantian to restore all the damaged places in her body.

Liu Mei noticed this situation and didn’t dare to speak anymore, fearing that she would disturb her daughter’s concentration. She patiently sat guarding by her side. She couldn’t leave because if someone by chance got a wind of what they were doing right now, consequences would be unimaginable.

Sometime later, Murong Qingxue opened her eyes.

The earlier despondency disappeared from her eyes, the whole person seemed as if she was glowing and brimming with energy.

“Xue-er, how is it?” Liu Mei moved closer to her daughter once she saw her open eyes, and asked her gently: “Your cultivation base… Was it restored?”

“Yes,” a smile that long had been missing, finally emerged on Murong Qingxue’s face: “My cultivation has been restored to the early Foundation Establishment. Although I haven’t made a breakthrough, I feel that I’m close to advancing to the mid-stage of Foundation Establishment.”

Hearing that Murong Qingxue’s cultivation didn’t rise, Liu Mei was somewhat disappointed, but knowing that in the end, her daughter’s cultivation base was fine, she could finally let go of her worries.

“As long as you successfully recovered your cultivation, it’s already good enough,” Liu Mei nodded with a smile: “Since your cultivation base is there, from tomorrow onwards you have to go out and walk around. It would be best if you could visit Nangong Ye.”

“How is elder brother Ye now?”

Last few days Murong Qingxue was completely immersed in her own sorrows, so she wasn’t aware of Nangong Ye’s current situation. “Is he still recovering from his injuries?”

“Yes, he is still in the middle of his recuperation,” Liu Mei advised her daughter attentively: “I’ve heard that his injuries were too heavy, so he has to convalesce for a long time. During such times, as his fiancee, you should show him more care and visit him often. You should put even more effort now, because of all that had happened at the tournament, Nangong family is dissatisfied with us and keeps blaming our family.”

“I understand, I’ll visit elder brother Ye tomorrow,” Murong Qingxue nodded. After carefully looking around, she once again wanted to confirm with Liu Mei: “Mother, this matter with the pill, it really won’t be discovered, will it?

“Be at ease,” Liu Mei reassured her: “Even if it gets discovered, it definitely won’t implicate us. To tell you the truth, I actually hope that Master Murong will find out about it! When that happens, we’ll have a good show to look forward to.”

Murong Qingxue took in Liu Mei’s confident look and decided not to delve deeper into this matter.

Next morning, as was planned the day before, Murong Qingxue set out to visit Nangong Ye at Nangong Estate. However, as she was leaving, in one of the winding passages of the garden she ran into Murong Qingyan.

Murong Qingyan obviously noticed Murong Qingxue walking towards herself. These days Murong Qingxue was nowhere to be seen. It was said she was recuperating and hadn’t taken a step out of her courtyard since the day she was injured at the tournament.

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  • iRead4Fun

    Still questioning their familial relationship. 🤔

    Can Qingyan detect if somebody can cultivate or not? Or can Baize (did I say that right? Her spirit guide or something?) detect somebody’s xuanli and power level? I must have missed it or it wasn’t mentioned yet?

    “Be at ease,” Lie/Liu Mei reassured her: “Even if it gets discovered, it definitely won’t implicate us. To tell you the truth, I actually hope that Master Murong will find out about it! When that happens, we’ll have a good show to look forward to.” <— Oh don't worry. The readers will be seeing a good show too. And soon. Like next chapter? 😆

    Thanks for the chapter, Agnie! 😁

    • Agnie

      … Gosh, this Lie Mei has been giving me trouble for many days now. It must be my subconsciousness talking, lol. Thaaaank you! *muah~
      Hehe, whether she can or not, you’ll find out tomorrow ^.~
      But I have to disappoint, the great bashing won’t come until the middle of 98th chapter, sigh. But it will get hate-level maxed out (at least, mine was), so the wait is worth it (or not, depends on how you prefer to look at it). Oh, ML, soon!


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