Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch98.2

“Family head, there are still many uncertain points in this case, should we not consider it some more?” In the end, Murong Rui couldn’t hold it in and made a careful suggestion: “so as to avoid treating anyone wrongly, otherwise it wouldn’t be good.”

“Grand Elder, there’s no need to put this decision off,” Murong Xiong raised his hand to stop Murong Rui: “This abomination is disgraceful, unfilial and rebellious, even when she made a mistake, she still continues to quibble here. You see for yourself, she doesn’t have even iota of remorse. Today, I absolutely won’t forgive her.”

“Even if you don’t expel me from Murong family, I still won’t stay in such place,” Murong Qingyan sneered at Murong Xiong, her eyes ice-cold: “Today, it’s not you who makes me leave, but I’m the one who disdains staying here.”

Even though Murong Rui spoke up, she couldn’t feel grateful for it. If he truly wanted to plead for her, he would have done so from the very beginning, there was no need to wait until the last moment to act hypocritically. She intended to leave Murong family before, and apparently, today was the day.

Murong Xiong waved his hand and ordered: “Come, detain Murong Qingyan then go to her courtyard and look for the spirit treasure. Later I will personally abolish her cultivation base and expel from the family.”

With these ice-cold words, the fate of Murong Qingyan was decided. Once again Murong Xiong’s speech showed that as a grandfather, he felt no slightest sentiments towards his granddaughter.

The people present didn’t say anything anymore. Third elder actually hadn’t said a word in today’s matter at all. In fact, he also felt that it was too arbitrarily to decide Murong Qingyan’s life and death solely on based on the jade pendant.

However, the problem was that the Rejuvenation pill was stolen and its theft was a great loss for the family. It had to be known that even if it was a third-grade Rejuvenation pill, it would have been priceless, let alone the fifth-grade. Moreover, no one knew when the Rejuvenation pill was stolen and whether it could be recovered.

Even if the real culprit was found, there was no guarantee that they could get the pill back. With this deduction, they might as well pin the blame on Murong Qingyan, because she had received a spirit treasure as a champion of the Clan Assembly.

The value of a spirit treasure was by any means worse than of the Rejuvenation pill. If they could obtain this spirit treasure, they could recount their losses.

Seeing that everyone present chose to stand on the sidelines, Murong Qingyan was not surprised, neither did she feel disappointed. She was very clear about the thought process of these people. However, if they wanted to make her submit, that wouldn’t be so easy.

As for the person who actually stole the Rejuvenation pill, she already had a rough idea. Earlier she saw that Murong Qingxue’s cultivation was suddenly restored and found it strange. But now it looked like it was the effect of the Rejuvenation pill! However, even if she explained it now, no one would believe her.

Moreover, what was important for Murong Xiong now not the culprit, but recouping the losses. Obviously, she was the scapegoat.

Upon Murong Xiong’s orders, the guards didn’t have any scruples and came forward to seize Murong Qingyan.

But Murong Qingyan wasn’t an obedient person to take things lying down. When the guards came upon her, she hit them back.


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