Into the World of Medicine

IWM, ch98.3

In but a moment, Murong Qingyan and the guards in the hall already exchanged a few of blows. Perhaps, if there were only a couple of guards, she could keep hiding her strength, however, soon several more joined them, and their cultivations weren’t low, some of them were even at the late stage of the Opening period, hence she had no choice but to reveal her hand.

All of sudden, she went all out and unleashed the pressure of her whole might.

“Late stage of Harmonization period!” The moment Murong Qingyan released her cultivation, Murong Xiong rose to his feet in shock.

Not only Murong Xiong, everyone in the hall was stunned. Not long ago, during the Clan Assembly, they all were present and witnessed how she seized her lucky opportunity and broke through to the early stage of the Opening period. Back then, everyone was also astonished.

Murong Qingyan was only 15 years old when she broke through into the Opening period, and this cultivation was already on par with geniuses amongst her peers. Moreover, with her cultivation of mere early stage of the Opening period, she succeeded in defeating Nangong Ye who was at that time already at the late stage of the Opening period. Obviously, her actual combat prowess was also exceptional.

But how much time had passed since then? And now, Murong Qingyan had already reached the late stage of Harmonization period. Furthermore, they all could feel that was just the late stage but the peak of the late stage, there was only the last step left before the next period.

Murong Xili and Murong Xiyi’s complexions instantly became awful, because of them was merely at the early stage of Harmonization period, while the other one was at the mid-stage. As elders, they practiced and cultivated for years, yet, unexpectedly couldn’t even hold a candle to the younger generation. Not to mention that this younger generation was once called waste by everyone.

In a bit, all the guards were suppressed and overthrown due to Murong Qingyan’s cultivation, because fighting with an opponent even a single stage higher was not an easy matter. People who could achieve this feat and win were few and far between.

Seeing that the guards were on the losing end, Murong Xiong’s expression turned ugly: “Murong Qingyan, you still dare to say that you haven’t stolen the Rejuvenation pill! If not for the Rejuvenation pill, how could your cultivation soar so high?!”

It was a known fact that if there was a chance opportunity, Rejuvenation pill could not only restore a person to the full health but also help to break through.

“That’s such a joke!” Murong Qingyan laughed out without any scruples: “Master Murong, that Rejuvenation pill you keep talking about is a treasure of Murong family, aren’t you the one who is most clear of its effects? When a Rejuvenation pill is taken while a person suffers from the injury, at best, after healing, it can only a promote him or her a single stage ahead.”

Although in his heart Murong Xiong knew that what Murong Qingyan said was true, he had already firmly decided to deal with this disobedient child and it was highly unlikely that he would change his mind today: “Although I don’t what method you used, today you won’t be able to escape. Since you are not willing to accept punishment obediently, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Saying so, Murong Xiong released his own pressure at the full might, aimed to attack Murong Qingyan directly.

As the Family head of the Murong family, Murong Xiong’s cultivation was nothing to scoff at, for he was already at the mid-stage of the Golden Core period.

The gap between periods, even Murong Qingyan was unable to cross, let alone such a great disparity. Hit with Murong Xiong’s pressure, Murong Qingyan just felt stuffiness in her chest, when the sweetness already swelled and surged from her throat as she spit out blood.


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