Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife

About ‘MGSSGW’

Before anything else, I’d like to ask you not to judge the novel by its title. If I read titles closely, in most cases, I’d just drop the novel right then.

So, about the novel.

It IS a romantic (alright, my bad, I agree, it’s not at the level of the CN romantic comedies) comedy, so don’t expect from it some out-of-this-world heart-rending mind-blowing romance and thought-provoking topics. The only visible ‘deep’ topic is emancipation and freedom of a person’s individuality.

It IS a comedy with romance, so expect some fluff, unreasonableness, a lot of dog food and even more vinegar. Some cliche, some are not, but the flow is good, so.

The story takes place in the outer space civilization and all the mumbo-jumbo that belongs to it (or maybe not all, I’m not well-versed in this topic, so can’t really judge). There will be intergalactic pirates, nasty mercenaries, intergalactic battles, mechas and, of course, and zerg wars. Crazy scientists (with their inhuman experiments) and deranged people (with their obsessions with our Male Lead) are also included, but their appearance in the whole set of things is well-paced and not over the top (even if once in a while you feel like bashing them, but hey, aren’t all villains the same?)

Female Lead is a strong-willed, not afraid of pain and sweat, thoroughly independent geeky nerd (or a nerdy geek?), who is not well-versed in romance, yet, not annoyingly so. I enjoyed her slow acceptance of ML, the author did a good job.

Male Lead is a cold arrogant self-important jerk (well, he’s earned the right to be) with a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Until he gets mind-raped by our Female Lead. Then it is an enjoyable transition from the Jerk to a vinegar eating wife-slave. I won’t spoil more on it, but believe me, it’s all in good fun.

Nevertheless, if I said there were no headdesking points, even I wouldn’t believe it:

1. The Spacenetizens with their comments. A bit too many, a bit too much (who cares about fillers, we want The Plot!), but then I stopped skipping them and started reading more carefully (say, about half-way through) and found out that they are responsible for a good part of the face-slapping, laughs, and explanations. That somewhat abated my rage. Ahem, annoyance.

2.  Female lead… is being forced to the verge of death or sustains really severe injuries way too frequently until she becomes strong enough (to kick most butts). And she becomes strong enough only about 2/3s in. Even my bones hurt when I read her sufferings, sigh. The saving grace of this mental torture is that it is logical: bullied to death until she can bully them back. Oh, and another one is that our hubby will bully them all in her stead until then.

Now, about The Plot (I’m so not spoiling it, but you can get the idea from the description of the initial setting):

A respected and revered female cultivator upon her sole friend’s betrayal and consequent death transmigrates into a body of low-level Guide, who happens to be the best possible match as a Guide (and, therefore, marriage partner) for the Sentinel, who happens to be the most illustrious, noble and obviously handsome youngest Major General of the Empire. Que the public rage, indifference(?) of the Major General himself and ??? of the newly-transmigrated cultivator. Oh, the first scene is actually their wedding.

Instead of giving away the plot, I’ll tell you a bit about the Guide&Sentinel system: Guides and Sentinels could be considered evolutionary humans. They are not a different race, they are a unique group of humans who were able to ‘awaken’ their genes (glands), turning them in uh…sub-species? Their population in the whole outer space is very small (don’t really remember the %, but less then 20%?), but Sentinels are the main (if not only) fighting force of the humanity, while the Guides… are… their relief, and I don’t mean relief of the duty. Bed-warmer like relief. Ah, shoot, how could I forget that they are actually very important existence (though physically weak) and responsible for ‘guiding(treating)’ and ‘soothing’ Sentinel’s sea of conscience, which tends to get out the control once in a while? Well, you will see why I forgot that as you delve further into the chapters. Another curious point about Guides and Sentinels is that they can’t live without each other: if Sentinels’ mental sea goes out of control, they become insane, or die. And Guides can’t survive ‘heat’ period without Sentinels uh… fluids. I mean, Sentinels bite their Guides and calm their raging hormones through uh, saliva. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Uh-huh, only that. (… Marking, biting… I’ve heard that somewhere before, hmmm?)

As you can imagine, our very capable yet loner of a Cultivator is Not Happy with the way things are. What, Major General wants to divorce? Yes, please! Who needs those brutish arrogant jerks! Who said I can’t be my own person and live well on my own? I’m a hundreds year old virgin and lived just fine without any Dao-partners! Who said only Sentinels can be strong? I’ll guide you to the light to see the truth! That’s actually a description of her actions, not her inner voice, FL is a serious type. A serious nerdy geek type.


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